PE Stamps and Seals offer high quality, easy to use, customized professional stamps and logos. We cover countless professions and create a wide variety of options for discerning individuals who want to make their name and brand known.

Browse or website and choose from different ready-made options or send us an email containing your own design creation. Our company takes pride in our electronic seals - they come in JPEG, TIF, as well as DWG formats and boasts 300 pixels for every inch. This ensures
thatare images are crisp, clear, and of high-resolution. To maintain the quality of each and every order, the stamp files are generated from AutoCAD.

We also have rubber stamps which haveall-natural wood base. For more appeal, we finish them with wooden handles which have been walnut-stained. We are proud to say that our stamps are laser-cut and come from high-quality rubber to give you the highest quality image that will last for decades.

Our self-inking stamps can be used for up to 5,000 impressions. These can also be easily re-inked using replacement or filler ink pads. The self-inking stamps have rubber dies which retract and leaves an impression on the inner water-based pad. 

We have pre-inked stamps that are refillable, using oil-based ink, and with handles that are soft to the touch. You can make impressions with just a light press. The resulting impression is crisper than comparable self-inking products in the market, it also comes with a dust cover that snaps on easily.